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Namasthey Hindi Learning Institute (NHLI) provides English, Tamil and Hindi lessons in the form of text, video and audio files. Categories consist of, Regular English, Hindi and Tamil, Business English Hindi and Tamil, Traveler English, Hindi and Tamil, Interview English, Hindi and Tamil, and Useful Phrases. Message Boards, Forums, or bulletin boards are other means used by to help users learn English, Hindi, and Tamil for free and paid. does not take responsibility for any improper usage of any sentences provided in the website. All users are responsible for their usage of each sentence. If a user is unclear or unsure about any sentence, they are encouraged to ask for clarity through the forum or email.

Interview Lessons are provided to give users assistance in answering interview questions. does not guarantee that you will pass the interview or exams using answers provided in Namasthey Hindia Learning Institute is not responsible for any damages caused by using answers in each lesson.

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Although there is no profanity on any of the lessons, some of the subjects and dialogs may be inappropriate for children.

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