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Why do you start this website?

Because you asked us to! Some students, business peoples, housewives and youngster who are preparing for various jobs want to learn spoken hindi, english and tamil for various purposes. Other students want lots more practice and a certificate. Some students want more specialist courses so we have created different plans. Your maximum commitment to any plan is just 1 month. You can learn so easily through your native language.

Do you provide free lessons?

We are passionate about what we do and we want to help as many students as possible not only learn Hindi but learn perfectly. Learning Languages is something that has benefits for many, many people and can make a significant difference to their lives.

We also like to do things differently. That’s why we use real, highly qualified and very experienced teachers to present the lessons to you in the most personal way possible.

Can i enrol into any free courses?

Yes you can take any free course. We have both free and paid online courses. And you can change level at any time.

Can i learn spoken hindi for free?

Yes. Absolutely! You can learn through our blog articles. We try to cover and teach useful and important spoken words through blogs, podcast and free videos. You can learn for free also. But if you want to learn rapidy and understand quickly, we recommend you to enrol on paid courses and access for lifetime

Is it costly?

Definitely not! when compare to offline courses and other online courses we focused only on our particular niche. So you can understand and able to speak quickly as possible. So our paid courses are not costly. It is budget friendly for all peoples, students, youngsters, business peoples who want to learn quickly.

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